- sarah (aka: august’s mommy, mark’s wife, that girl over there) →

- a collection of photos i’ve taken every day since late january 2011.
- something that, hopefully, brings a smile to your face.
- something that brings a smile to mine.
- random.
- an excuse to keep me taking pictures for no other reason than to do it.
- fun!

- every day!
- any time during the day.
- sometimes, i will post as soon as mid-afternoon and as lateĀ as two in the morning. maybe later.

- mostly, where i live in houston, tx.
- but, really, obviously where ever it is that i am.

- for fun.
- for me.
- for my son.
- for my husband.
- for 20 years from now.

- this is the third year i am doing this project. and the second year i will be taking photos, primarily, with my iPhone. my challenge, this year, is to try my best to stay true to telling a story of the day with the photo that i choose.
- snapseed (i used adobe photoshop CS4/5 for year one editing).
- my husband and his patience and encouragement with me keeping this going.
- my son for giving me so much magic to capture.
- anybody and everybody who’s let me photograph them or their child/ren or their stuff.
- and anybody and everybody who’s been patient while i stopped to take pictures of my food (or theirs) before it is eaten.