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april 25, 2013:
“good [sad] riddance.”

this picture deserves some backstory.

mark has had that glass since before we were married. it came with him into our first home. it resided there before i even did and it came with us to our four homes after that. it survived two cross-country moves.

while i washed it as carefully as i did our other glasses and placed it in the cabinet with our clear glasses (even though it didn’t match), i’ve never really liked it. at all.

but, it did not break by my hand. no, no. it was actually broken by its owner, while being washed.

and my first reaction was not to rejoice, as i thought it would’ve been. i groaned a sympathetic, “oh noooo” when i heard the glass break and saw it broken apart in the sink. and i gave mark a hug.

this happened a couple of weeks ago but i’ve been meaning to take a picture of it to commemorate its existence on my 365 (even if broken)…and to also commemorate, the day i threw it away.

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